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About our Team

Quaotic is a new, small, Australian owned streetwear clothing brand. We offer you unique, one-off pieces made by our own team here in Australia. Our pieces involve lots of hand stitching and time, all made with love and care for you. Every piece is different and unique, perfect for any quaotic lifestyle.

We have formed a partnership based on the mutual disgust of mass produced big brands that have lost the way.

Rowan: Rowans style features lots of fancy laces and trims. Any pieces that feature ribbons, distressing, and lace will likely be made by her. If you want to contact Rowan directly rather than contact the business:

Mark: Mark loved hardware - studs, chains and eyelets - anything metal. If you are looking for edgy features and masculinity, you will find it in his pieces. To contact Mark:

Tanya: Tanya is an Aboriginal lady who paints in her traditional patterns and stories, she also loves to use colour and shiny things. To contact Tanya: